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Outdoor horse boarding, summertime grazing in the big herd.  Liberty Stables, Millarville Alberta.

Horse Boarding

Liberty Stables specializes in pasture board. Horses, for the most part, do best in a herd situation. They get to move around, interact and be who they truly are. Many so-called "problems" are dealt with in a herd situation. People also learn about horse behaviour when they take the time to observe their horses, share territory with them, and move in and around the horses in the herd. 

Horses are integrated into the herd that works best for them. Each herd has its own "culture", and its own ample pasture. The pastures are rotated throughout the spring, summer and fall. In the winter, the horses are fed a high-quality grass hay as needed.


All the horses are checked daily. We arrange farriers, regular teeth checkups and wellness treatments. We keep you posted on seasonal changes in supplements, and changes around the farm. We have access to a variety of horse-care professionals or you can utilize your own on an as-needed basis. 


Pens are available for short-term recovery, or at times when the horses need a break from the grass. 


Indoor stalls are available on a limited basis. 


Boarders have access to the outdoor riding rings, and the indoor heated arena.


Horse trailer storage is available. Boarders are given space to store basic tack and equipment. 


Riding around the property, hand grazing or just sitting and watching the horses are all part of the experience and the fun!  


Contact us for more information, prices and availability. 

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