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Cathy Thomas riding her horse, Smoke, at Liberty Stables, Millarville, AB. The Luaxophy Method.

About Cathy 

Cathy Thomas, Herd Boss at Liberty Stables, is indeed inspired by the horse. Which one? That is a good question. Like many, Cathy was drawn to horses at a very young age. After a very rewarding career in the non profit sector in the realm of animal welfare  (primarily cats and dogs), Cathy returned to her other childhood love - HORSES! 

In the past 10 years, Cathy has known many horses in her work with Dessa Hockley at Liberty Stables. Her main teachers have been Buddy, Diva and Smoke - though she is reluctant to name names as she has also been inspired by Star, Maggie, Spike, Ulysses, Gypsy, and several others! She is pictured here sitting on Smoke at liberty in the herd at Liberty Stables. What a journey it's been!

Other humans Cathy has been inspired by on her equine-centred journey include Sally Swift, Sue Falkner-March, Peggy Cumming, Jonathan Field, Karen Rholf and Linda J. Salinas. Look these folks up and find out more. 

Cathy brings a background of life coaching, martial arts, sports, music and writing to her current work. The Luaxophy Method is the evolution of many years of trial and error, listening and learning. The wisdom of the horse is worth experiencing - fun, magical, deep and life-changing. 

Grab a coffee and sit down for a good old fashioned chat about life any time you are in the area. Cathy loves to talk about horses, and about life!

Cathy and Smoke in the herd

Cathy and Diva

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