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Bridget and her horse, Star.  Millarville, AB. The Luaxophy Method.

Bridget and Star


The Friendship Program


Connect. Re-connect. Build skills and language. Deepen your bond with your horse through this program. The Friendship Program starts with a flexible plan, some ground rules, and then set your horse free! See what you can learn about each other as you experience liberty work, leash work, ground driving, free jumping, basic riding, patterns, obstacles, transitions and more!


Awareness, Language, Willingness: Come to be able to recognize which is needed and tools to bring them out in you and your horse. 


Spend valuable time in the herd observing, relaxing, de-compressing. See how the horses interact with each other. Notice the smells, sounds, wildlife, trees, grasses and other plants as you commune with your horse.

The Friendship Program is a life changing experience!

Classes and Workshops are available at Liberty Stables, or have Cathy Thomas come to you for a class or workshop.

Contact us for more information on the Friendship Program.

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