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Horses discussing the Luaxophy Method.  Liberty Stables, Millarville, Alberta.
The horses lead the way with clarity and wisdom

 Discover, Explore, Uncover, Experience the Essence, Power and Wisdom of the Horse 


This program area is about the physical, emotional, mental and energetic wellness of you and the horses. The tools are: listening to self and others, visioning, trusting the journey, support, and relationship concepts. What do you and your horse need to be healthy, content and energized?

Classes and Workshops are available at Liberty Stables, or you can bring Cathy Thomas to your barn or group for a workshop or class.  

Some of the classes and workshops that are available include:

  • Listening with the Pendulum: Tapping into your intuition

  • A Vision to Behold: Creating a Vision Board

  • Retreat! Spend Time in Nature and With the Horses to Restore and Rejuvenate

  • Caring for Horses on an Acreage

  • Hoof care

  • Emergency Care of Horses

  • Relationship Concepts: What the Horse can Teach us

  • Understanding Personalities - You and Your Horse

  • Bend and Stretch, Reach for the Sky

  • Breathe...

  • Sharing Territory: The Missing Link

  • Centre, Ground, Clear and Balance

  • Transitions: Those Life-Changing Experiences 

  • Seasonal Changes and Your Horse

  • Introduction to Owning  Your Own Horse

Contact us to find out more, or to book a class or workshop.

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