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The Luaxophy Method with Deuce the horse.  Liberty Stables, Millarville Alberta.

Tracy and Deuce

 Discover, Explore, Uncover, Experience the Essence, Power and Wisdom of the Horse 


Experience six different modules on your way to becoming certified in the Luaxophy Method

The modules include:

  • The Friendship Program

  • Listening to Horses 

  • Self Awareness: Coaching Tool Kit

  • Energy 

  • Horsekeeping and Care

  • The Nature Connection


Woven through the Apprenticeship Program is the concept of Self Awareness and Wellness. At the end of the day, it's about you. What do/can you bring to the relationship? 


Contact Cathy for more information on becoming an Apprentice. Do it in chunks on your own, or come and hang out at Liberty Stables with Cathy and the horses. Various workshops are available at Liberty Stables. 


Warning: You never fully "arrive". Once you begin, you keep on discovering, exploring, uncovering, experiencing the essence, power and wisdom of the horse! 


"Hold the vision. Trust the journey." 

(Author Unknown)

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