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Kids learn to interact with horses at Liberty Stables, Millarville Alberta. The Luaxophy Method.
Horses and kids.  Liberty Stables, Millarville Alberta. The Luaxophy Method.
The Luaxophy Method.  Horses of Liberty Stables, Millarville Alberta.


... and horses and dogs and cats and nature go well together, especially at Liberty Stables. We don't have a traditional riding program with school horses. Instead, kids get to know horses (and themselves) from the ground up through horse experiences that are an hour to an hour-and-a- half long. They may, or may not involve riding.


Whether you've been to a horse show or not doesn't matter. What matters is that you love horses and just want to be around them.

Start by learning how to approach a horse in the herd. Observe herd behavior firsthand. How do you tell if a horse is safe to approach? What do you do if they all surround you? What if they're lying down? How do you tell one horse from the other? How do horses communicate with each other? Develop connection through sharing territory, ground exercises, moving each other around. Breathe, relax, move with the horse. Now add some barrels, weave poles, giant balls, music and more! Don't forget brushing and grooming!

In addition we can go on nature walks, drum for rhythm, colour, paint our horses, take pictures and more. NO HOMEWORK! Unless you want to bring a book to read to a horse, or do a horse-related project!

Kids Ages 6 to 11Horses and You!

Young People Ages 12 to 16 (and beyond!): Zen With Horses

Sign up for 5 horse experiences at a time. Scheduling is flexible. Contact Cathy if you have any questions. 

A note for parents: You can drop kids off, or stay and have a tea in the Gathering Place (trailer), go for a walk or do a barn chore while we're with the horses.

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